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Contributions for study and research missions 2022 for Italian and foreign researchers, teachers, experts, personalities and cultural operators

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation supports and encourages the carrying out of missions abroad and in Italy, by, respectively, Italian and Belgian researchers, teachers, experts, personalities and cultural operators, as an important tool to support the internationalization of the Italian university, cultural and creative system.
The main objective of the funding is to encourage the development of strategic partnerships, cultural and scientific projects between foreign and Italian institutions in the medium and long term.
They can request a contribution for the carrying out of missions:

– Researchers, professors, experts, personalities and foreign cultural operators invited to spend a period of stay at Italian university or cultural institutions for study or research reasons.
The economic contribution for the partial coverage of living expenses is paid in a flat-rate form.

– Italian researchers, professors, experts, personalities and cultural operators invited to spend a period of stay at foreign university or cultural institutions for study or research reasons.
The financial contribution is provided exclusively for partial coverage (to the extent of 80%) of travel expenses.
Interested parties may submit applications for grants, drawn up according to the attached scheme and complete with the required documentation, to the Italian Cultural Institute competent for the territory in the country where the mission is carried out.
Grants will be disbursed following the assessment carried out by the foreign branches and the competent central offices, based on the following criteria:
– characteristics of the applicant, including curriculum vitae;
– possible medium and long-term repercussions of the mission in terms of development of cultural or scientific projects and partnerships between Italian and foreign institutions;
– prestige of the cultural institutions involved;
– principle of rotation among the beneficiaries of the contributions;
– compliance of the mission with the geographic and thematic priorities identified by the Directorate General for Public and Cultural Diplomacy;
– existence of an executive program of cultural cooperation in force between Italy and the applicant’s country of residence (in the case of a foreign beneficiary) or with the applicant’s country of destination (in the case of an Italian beneficiary).

For more information and to know the deadlines for submitting applications, it is recommended to contact the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels ( The payment of the contribution will take place at the end of the mission upon delivery of the necessary documentation.
Download HERE the form for Italian applicants and HERE the form for foreign applicants